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The Morning Tour

Starting at the Audenried High School at 10am, we will hear the stories and voices of these community residents as they lead us on a one mile long tour of their neighborhood

Mrs.Tammy Reeves is the Event Coordinator for Resident Action Committee 2 where she carries on the legacy of her father-in-law Mr. Charles Reeves, Sr. She has lived in the Grays Ferry community all her life and attended the James Alcorn elementary and Charles Youth Audenried schools. She hopes this tour results in the closure of the Philadelphia refinery.

Mr. Charles Reeves, Jr. has been a resident of Grays Ferry for sixty years. He is the Founding President of the Tasker-Morris Neighbors Association where he works to carry on the legacy of Mr. Kyle Shenandoah. He hopes this tour results in greater awareness about how the refinery has affected the community over the last hundred years.

Mrs. Melissa Toby has been a resident of South Philly for almost 39 years. Melissa is currently raising her family in South Philly and is involved in, and dedicated to the schools her children attend. Melissa hopes this tour of her community, and the surrounding area in which the refinery sits, will offer a more positive outlook on this neighborhood by highlighting local families memories

Ethnologica Workshop

Dr. Beth Uzwiak, the Research Director for Ethnologica, will be leading our afternoon art-based workshop. Ethnologica is a certified women-owned business (WBE) located in Philadelphia. Through participatory and arts-based methods, we invite voices and stories into research and evaluation processes that may not otherwise be heard.  As anthropologists, we bring cross-cultural competencies to all of our projects, from small-scale evaluations to multi-year collaborations. Ethnologica is guided by values of inclusion with the goal of increasing gender, racial and economic equity.

The Afternoon Lightning Talks

Mrs. Sylvia Bennett

Sylvia Bennett, 75, has lived at 32nd and Dickinson Streets for 50 years, and remembers having to evacuate her house in the 1970s and ’80s because of large fires at the refinery. A retired behavioral health worker, she is now a member of Philly Thrive, a group that speaks out about health concerns related to the refinery. The cause is personal; Bennett said two of her daughters have cancer, and she worries that their illnesses are linked to living so close to the complex.

This text is courtesy of the Philadelphia Inquirer, read the full article here . The photo was taken by Kimberly Paynter/WHYY

Dr. Pouné Saberi

Dr. Pouné Saberi, MD, MPH has been a doctor for 15 years, currently specializing in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.  She is the president of the Board of Directors for Physicians for Social Responsibility. Her work focuses on health impacts of fossil fuels and climate change, and health benefits of transitioning to clean renewable energy sources for all.

Dr. Peter DeCarlo

Dr. Peter DeCarlo is a professor of Environmental Engineering with research focused on the air we breathe both indoors and out, and how human activities alter the composition of the atmosphere impacting air quality and changing the climate.

Dr. Marilyn Howarth

Marilyn Howarth is an occupational and environmental medicine physician who focuses on environmental policy and science through which it is informed.  Her work with the Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology engages legislators, regulators, medical providers and community members around environmental problems locally and nationally.

Meenal Raval

Meenal is a full-time activist, focusing on voluntary simplicity, zero-waste, local food, transportation electrification, energy efficiency and rooftop solar. She produces weekly mailings of local climate events across many groups in greater Philadelphia, found online at; writes for GRID magazine; is a catalyst for Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 teams in Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties. After an interview about climate on PhillyCAM’s People Power Lunch Hour, Meenal began producing Philly Talks Climate this spring; offering a climate-focused perspective on local news.

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Futures Beyond Refining

December 11th, 2019

A free event hosted by the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities.

The June 21st explosion should mark the beginning of a safer, cleaner future for the City of Philadelphia.

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